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Hair that keeps falling out is frustrating, you can see from the growth that your hair is growing but the length remains the same. If you are experiencing hair loss, you should ask yourself, how do I treat my hair? What could be the causes of hair loss? Is there anything I can do to break the vicious cycle?

Hair loss can be stopped

A medium length hair is the length of hair that breaks the most. Anyone can be affected regardless of hair quality. If a lot of hair breaks off, you often have no choice but to cut it off a good bit. It is difficult to save a hair that has started to fall out, so it is easier to work preventively. A hair that breaks off is a damaged hair, so you need to look at both the external measures and the internal measures such as diet and health, as good hair comes from within.

The hair on the back of the neck breaks off

It is common for the hair at the back of the head to break off more than other parts of the head. The friction against a pillow causes the hair to break when rubbed, and it can also be a sign that you are a restless sleeper. One trick is to switch to a silk pillowcase to reduce the abrasive friction. Read about how you can reduce hair loss with silk pillowcases.

Excessive use of tassels

Leads to long-term strain on the hair's natural elasticity which is four times its length, long-term use leads to a more fragile hair. Hair cords with metal attachments can wear down your hair, read more about tight hairstyles can give you thinning hair.

You're washing and caring for your hair the wrong way

Choose hair care that is customised to your scalp and your hair type, hair health always starts with proper scalp care. Read about washing proceduresBut also lack of use of wrapping and in the wrong order Read about how to get more out of your hair wrap.

Your hair has a new texture

What people don't realise is that as we age, our hair texture changes and what works great before may not be as effective. 

Too much heat on heating tools can cause hair to fall out.

The lack of heat protection and too hot heating tools are an extreme strain on your hair. It's a wonder if it doesn't start coming off over time. Avoid excessive styling and high heat.

Brushing your hair wet can contribute to hair loss.

When wet, your hair is at its most fragile; wet hair should be combed while dry hair should be brushed.

Excessive colouring and bleaching leads to hair breakage

Avoid at-home bleaching, bleaching your hair too many times. When a hair is bleached and the hair is like chewing gum that comes off and sticks to the hairbrush. Then there is no product or method that will "scared" an abused hair but what products can do is to reduce the risk of the hair getting worse. What you will have to do is cut away as much as possible.

You stress too much

If the eyes are the mirror of the soul, the hair and skin are a clear indication of the health of the rest of the body. Read more about hair loss and stress.

To counteract dull hair, you need to cut the ends.

Uncut hair is at risk of becoming brittle and split ends. If you don't regularly cut off split ends, the hair will continue to split and break off, which can be a faster process than the growth of the hair. This can be a process that is faster than the growth of the hair. A good trick if you want to get rid of very worn out ends but not take off the whole hair, is for example to twist the hair and cut the ends that stick out.

After cutting your hair and looking at the internal factors, you can expect your hair to stop falling out and become healthy and shiny. Did you know that our hair is largely made up of protein and needs it to grow? By adding more protein, minerals and healthy fats to your diet, you can have better looking hair. Read our blog post on: What to do if you want your hair to grow faster.

If you're losing hair from the roots, it's more likely to be due to hair loss, and we have written a facts page on hair loss you can take part in.

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