Hair loss

Hair loss is something that most people suffer from sometime in life. It usually starts with a slowly creeping hairline that goes backwards and upwards beginning at both templets.

Hair loss usually has an appropriate treatment

At an early stage you can treat hair loss with a drug or with a Prp-treatment. However, when large spots have already occurred, hair transplant is the only thing that give results. Hair loss affects both men and women but it is a bit different. Hair loss can be experienced as hard, but there are often good hair loss solutions for you.

hair loss

Hair loss causes

There are many causes of hair loss, some causes may be temporary while others are permanent. Most common is Androgenic alopecia, so-called male hair loss and it affects about every third man.


Hair Loss – scale for men

Scale 1:
No surgery is necessary
scale 1
Scale 2:
No surgery needed, 500-800 hair follicles can be transplanted if the symmetry is perceived as problematic.
scale 2
Scale 2a:
500-800 hair follicles to repair so that the proportions are right.

scale 2a

Scale 3:
800 to 1.000 hair follicles on the front.
scale 3
Scale 3a:
1.300 to 1.600 hair follicles on the front.
scale 3a
Scale 4:
1.100 to 1.400 for the front and 800 to 1.100 for the crown. (1.900 to 2.500 hair follicles in total)
scale 4
scale 4a:
1,700 to 2,500+ the front.
scale 4a
Scale 5:
1.500 to 1.700 for the front and from 1.000 to 1.500 for the crown. (2.500 to 3.200 hair follicles in total.)
scale 5
Scale  5a:
2500 to 3200+ hair follicles.
scale 5a
Scale  6:
1,700 till 2,500 för fronten och 1,500 till 1,700 för kronan.
(3200 till 4200+ hårsäckar totalt)
scale 6
Scale  7:
2,500 to 3,000+ hair follicles to rebuild the front.
scale 6a

Hair Loss – scale for women

I.1,500+ follicles
W scale 1
II.3000+ follicles
W scale 2
III. 4000+ follicles
W scale 3

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