Sweden's most experienced hair clinic

We are a clinic that has been in Sweden since 2011. We came here when we saw and experienced that there was a gap between patients and clinics. Several parameters came into play:

1. It was very expensive to perform a hair transplant in Sweden.

2. The quality was not comparable to the best in the world.

3. guarantees that were arbitrary.

4. patient contact did not meet the needs of the patients.

We felt that it shouldn't have to cost so much given the quality of the patients.

We believed that we could offer hair transplants at less than half the price without compromising on quality and double the number of hair follicles transplanted by the other clinics in Sweden.

Finding a surgical team that performs world-class hair transplants was not easy, but "he who seeks, finds!". My goal has always been to be the best at whatever I do.

We are very honest when it comes to guarantee consultations. If the patient does not feel that they have received the expected result, it is quite easy to make an assessment by scanning the scalp and counting the number of transplanted hair follicles. Being transparent and making a judgement together with the patient is important when it comes to trust.

My staff and I will be available to our patients before, during and after surgery. Questions arise that patients need answers to, and we should always be reachable by our patients!

Since I have had a transplant myself, we always try to give everything that I missed. What I didn't get, I try to give to our patients.

Firo Esmer

Chief Executive Officer

We at Akacia Medical offer hair transplants, platelet treatments and hair removal at our clinics in Stockholm and Istanbul. We have long experience in transplanting hair and always provide a guarantee on our operations. Read more about us



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