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The Hair Transplant Pod

A Podcast by Calle and Niklas

In November 2019, Calle & Niklas each had a hair transplant at Akacia Medical.

In the "Hair Transplant Pod" they talk about their entire "hair journey".

You can find the podcast on Spotify, Acast, Podcaster or here on the Akacia Medical website.

All men experience male pattern hair loss at some point in their lives. For many men, losing hair can be extremely difficult and distressing and it is not always easy to know where to turn for comfort and help.

In this podcast, you can follow us (Calle & Niklas) as we each undergo a hair transplant at Akacia Medical.

We will talk about when and how our own hair loss started. We'll share methods we've tried to prevent it and the difficult emotions we've dealt with over the years.

We also interview specialists in hair surgery and meet men who have undergone Akacia Medical procedures to hear their stories.

Do you want to get a deeper insight into the process of a hair transplant? Then this is the podcast for you! We guide you through every step. From initial consultation to surgery and eventually the final result.


Niklas Grahn

32 years Stockholm
Under the stage name "Niello", he has been rocking dance floors since 2013. With over 50 million streams on Spotify and songs like Legenden, Vinden and his latest album Dhalia, Niello is one of the country's brightest shining stars in Swedish hip hop/pop.

Calle Nilsmo

30 years Stockholm
Works as a presenter at the radio station NRJ where he hosts the popular programme "Musikredaktionen" every evening. Together with Niklas, he also runs the podcast "Pappa Och Sånt" in addition to the HT podcast.

Section #1

In this episode, we talk about our own 'hair journeys'. What was it like when we realised we were suffering from male pattern baldness? We tell you why some men are affected and what methods we have tried to slow down hair loss.

Section #2

In this episode, we get to know Firo Esmer, founder of Akacia Medical. He talks about the clinic, the procedure and answers questions such as:

  •   How to know that you are a suitable candidate to undertake an HT?
  •    What are the risks of doing an HT?
  •    What is the difference between FUE and FUT technology?
  •    What tools does Akacia Medical use?
  •    What to think about when choosing a clinic?
  •    What is a PRP treatment?

Section #3

In this episode, listeners can follow the day when we perform our hair transplants at Akacia Medical. We tell you in detail about the different steps of the procedures and the immediate aftermath of our operations.

Section #4

In this episode we meet Alexander D´Rosso.

Section #5

1 year later

We at Akacia Medical offer hair transplants, platelet treatments and hair removal at our clinics in Stockholm and Istanbul. We have long experience in transplanting hair and always provide a guarantee on our operations. Read more about us



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