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 What is Tricho pigmentation?

Tricho pigmentation is an aesthetic technique that makes it possible to use pigments inserted into the skin. These pigments can be similar to a tattoo because tricho pigmentation uses a machine with needles. However, it should not be mistaken for the same thing, as there are many factors that differentiate them. Listed below are the various differences between them.

Depth: A tattooist works on the deeper part of the skin and a tricho-pigmenter works on the superficial part. If you look closely at the anatomical image of the skin, you can see the difference in colour. When doing a Trichopigmentation you work in the superficial papillary layer of the Demis and in the deeper reticular layer when talking about tattooing.

The machines: What also sets them apart is the machine that performs the pigmentation. It is designed and customised for the scalp. It is structured to make clear and precise dots and is therefore not suitable as a tattoo machine because it is rigid and tears the skin. The tattoo machine is for working with fine lines and shades on the body, it goes deeper into the skin and this makes it more innovative when working with colours.

Pigment:Tricho Pigmentation's pigments are classified as absorbable while the tattoos are permanent.

Training: Being a specialist in permanent make-up or tattooing does not mean being an expert in Tricho Pigmentation.


Why choose Tricho Pigmentation?

This technique is for optically recreating the presence of hair in areas caused by hair loss. Since Tricho pigmentation was developed specifically to work on the type of skin found on the scalp, there are four different functions to treat the different areas of the scalp, respecting their characteristics. It is important to focus on these aspects to avoid damage to the skin.

The Tricho Pigmentation needle is different from other needles. A tattoo artist's needle is specifically made to effectively cut the skin but also carry colour to allow the pigment to slide across the skin. A Tricho Pigmentation needle does not need to allow the pigmentation to slide but has a specific structure that allows the technician to always release the same amount of pigment at the same depth, which in turn produces perfect dots that do not expand.


Why is Tricho Pigmentation temporary?

Tricho Pigmentation is a temporary treatment and the reason you can offer this treatment is because everyone changes and it gives you the freedom to decide if you want to continue the treatment or if you want to change details. This could be to go from a longer hair to shaved, etc. This treatment creates freedom of choice because it is temporary, something that seemed obvious at the age of 20 may not be so obvious when you are 40, those decisions should not have to be permanent.


How long does it take for the pigment to disappear? 

Tricho Pigments are classified as semi-permanent, absorbent or temporary. That is, within 2-3 years, the immune system will eat the pigment until it is completely eliminated. The immune system consists of specific cells called macrophages. These cells can recognise foreign objects that appear in the dermis and fight them. It absorbs anything that it does not recognise as skin related and thus the pigment is a foreign object. The main characteristic of this pigment that makes it unique is that its colour does not change. It does not turn blue or green and in fact it gradually fades without leaving any residue or stains.

What colour is used for Tricho Pigmentation?

The pigment used is called 'Universal Brown' and has the same colour as keratin. Which is a typical colour of hair just growing out of the follicle. Tattoos can turn bluish or green over time, if this were to happen on the scalp it would cause terrible problems for the patient and their life could be negatively affected by something that would actually improve their quality of life. Universal Brown is designed to adapt to the individual's hair colour and skin tone, ranging from dark blonde to black for the most natural result possible.


For whom is Tricho Pigmentation suitable?

This treatment is for those who have hair loss but are looking for a temporary solution to try out your new look and maintenance programme before committing to a long-term use of a permanent option. However, most people who choose tricopigmentation do so with the intention of regular replenishment and have no plans to return to the permanent option. Tricho pigmentation definitely encourages people to solve their hair loss problems because the result is not permanent, it can be considered less intimidating for some. Should they feel after the treatment that they have made a mistake, the pigments will fade on their own after a relatively short time. The vast majority of people who try Tricho Pigmentation get the results they want and the choices are endless.

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