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Mesotherapy is a treatment that can be used to treat hair loss. In hair loss, a combination of vitamins, minerals and amino acids are injected into the scalp to stimulate hair growth and improve hair health.

The treatment is performed by us at Akacia medical where an experienced and trained practitioner injects the active ingredients into the scalp with small needles. The number of injections and duration of treatment varies depending on the specific needs of the patient and the degree of hair loss.

Mesotherapy treatment for hair loss works by increasing blood circulation in the scalp, giving the hair follicles more nutrition and oxygen. This can help revitalise the follicles and stimulate new hair growth. The treatment can also help reduce inflammation and irritation on the scalp, which can help prevent further hair loss.

It is important to note that mesotherapy is not a quick fix for hair loss, but rather a gradual process that can take several months to produce noticeable results. To achieve the best possible results, it is important to combine mesotherapy with a healthy lifestyle and a healthy hair care routine.

As with any medical treatment, there are risks and side effects with mesotherapy for hair loss. Side effects can include swelling, redness, pain and discomfort in the injection area. It is important to discuss all risks and side effects with us before starting treatment.

To summarise, mesotherapy can be an effective treatment for treating hair loss and promoting hair growth. We at Akacia medical can guarantee that the treatment is carried out in a safe and effective way so that you as a patient can feel confident about your treatment.

 effective non-surgical treatment for hair loss which leads to thicker and more vibrant hair

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