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We all know it's good to take care of our hair, but unfortunately we don't always take the time to apply a hair mask. How often do you think about your hair wrap every day? Unfortunately not many people do and if we are lucky we use it once a week. But did you know that you get much more out of your hair mask if you apply it to dry hair? According to a dermatologist in NY who told us that we normal people put our hair mask in wet hair. But that we should instead apply it to dry hair to make it more effective.


If you want to get the most out of your expensive hair mask, you don't want to compete for space in your hair. Because basically, your hair is pretty much saturated with water already when you wet your hair and it can therefore not absorb as much hair mask. This means that the hair mask you put in your hair is more like a coating on your hair than actually moisturising your hair on the inside. That's a pretty big waste of time and money.

So try applying your hair mask to dry hair next time! It's a very simple change, but it can make a big difference.


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