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Oxyhelp oxygen treatment

Oxygen helps the body to accelerate the self-healing properties we have in the body. The vast majority of our health problems are caused by reduced oxygen levels in the cells, but by increasing the flow of oxygen into the bloodstream, recovery can be greatly accelerated and our natural immune system can heal, improve wellbeing, energise and increase fitness. Oxygen therapy with Oxy Help involves breathing pure oxygen inside a chamber with increased atmospheric pressure (up to 3 times higher than normal pressure) to enhance the body's natural healing abilities.



Required for stable cellular metabolism, the Oxygen Chamber has a growing body of research and medical references and is a very popular treatment by celebrities as an anti-ageing treatment. It is also effective among professional athletes to speed up the healing process of injuries as well as for war veterans who need to relieve chronic symptoms or to alleviate a traumatic brain injury.


  •     Optimising microcirculation
  •     Activation and improvement of the lymphatic system
  •     Activation of drainage systems to eliminate toxins
  •    Oxygenation of peripheral tissues
  •    Improvement of overall blood system circulation
  •    Improvement of heart functions
  •    Osteo-articular and muscular system enhancement
  •   Anti-inflammatory effect on subcutaneous fat
  •   Accelerating the recovery process for patients after surgery
  •   Well-established treatment for decompression sickness
  •   Accelerates healing time for minor and major sports injuries
  •   Faster recovery after training and intense professional sports.


It's no secret that our bodies depend on oxygen to function, and it's when we have a lack of oxygen in our blood that we can suffer serious health consequences. These include reduced blood flow, premature ageing, hair thinning and memory loss.

The air we breathe contains volumes of about 20.9% of oxygen, 78% of nitrogen and small amounts of argon, carbon dioxide, neon, helium and hydrogen. The respiratory air we breathe contains oxygen particles that move from our lungs into the red blood cells in our bloodstream. Under normal conditions, cells absorb only 25% of oxygen in their mitochondria-our cells' powerhouses-which convert oxygen and nutrients into ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), the high-energy molecule that stores and provides our body with enough energy to function. This process is called aerobic respiration, the main reason we breathe oxygen.

Inside a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, oxygen is forced into our lungs, bloodstream and cells to increase the rate of cellular absorption. More oxygen feeds mitochondria, increasing the production of energy. The oxygen chamber works in many different areas where medications are ineffective. The quality of life is greatly enhanced by oxygen therapy and it is suitable for everyone, regardless of age. Oxygen therapy is of value to patients who have a condition where there is a lack of oxygen, but can be used without any medical condition. Patients with conditions such as stroke, chronic fatigue, paresis, etc. have all shown drastic changes. With oxyhelp you will feel stronger, healthier, more energetic and free from pain.

Oxygen therapy is a cumulative treatment and the number of sessions is determined by your condition. You can book sessions as you wish, but based on the manufacturer's protocol, it is beneficial to complete your first 5 sessions within 5-7 days for best results. But ultimately, you know your body best and we will help you schedule your treatments based on what you feel is appropriate for you and your situation.

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