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We at Akacia Medical are proud to offer the very latest in permanent laser hair removal in Stockholm. Soprano ICE titanium which is the very best laser hair removal machine on the market worldwide!

One of the main advantages of the Soprano Ice Titanium laser is that it uses a combination of techniques to remove hair, making the treatment both faster and more comfortable. The laser also uses a cooling technique that reduces pain and discomfort, making the treatment easier to perform compared to other types of laser treatments.

Another advantage of the Soprano Ice Titanium is that it works on all skin types and hair colours. This is possible because the laser has different wavelengths that can be adapted to treat different skin types and hair colours. In the past, it was difficult to treat people with darker skin types or lighter hair, but with Soprano Ice Titanium you can now treat everyone.



  • Permanent facial hair removal
  • Back
  • Arms, legs
  • Bikini line

Please come clean-shaven for your treatment.


The Soprano Ice Titanium laser is also very effective in removing hair permanently. After undergoing a number of treatments, one can expect that the hair reduction will be permanent and the hair will grow out much more slowly.

Finally, the Soprano Ice Titanium is a very safe and reliable laser device used by many professionals in the beauty industry. The laser has been designed to be as safe as possible and has undergone extensive clinical testing to ensure it is safe and effective to use.

In summary, the Soprano Ice Titanium is one of the most effective laser hair removal devices available on the market today. It is fast, comfortable, safe and effective for all skin types and hair colours. If you are considering laser hair removal, the Soprano Ice Titanium may be an excellent choice for you.


Soprano Ice Titanium laser and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) are two different technologies used for hair removal. Here are some of the main differences between the two:

  1. PrecisionThe Soprano Ice Titanium laser targets the hair follicles with high precision, while IPL targets a wider area of the skin. This means that the laser is more effective at selectively destroying hair follicles, while IPL can affect the surrounding skin.
  2. Efficiency: The Soprano Ice Titanium laser is more effective than IPL due to its higher power and greater precision. It can treat a larger number of hair follicles in less time and can permanently remove hair with fewer treatments compared to IPL.
  3. Pain: The Soprano Ice Titanium laser has a built-in cooling technology that reduces discomfort and pain during the treatment. IPL can be more painful because it can affect the surrounding skin.
  4. Skin types: The Soprano Ice Titanium laser is suitable for all skin types, including darker skin, while IPL may have limitations for darker skin types.
  5. Treatment areas: The Soprano Ice Titanium laser can be used on all areas of the body, while IPL is more limited to larger areas such as the legs and back.

To summarise, the Soprano Ice Titanium laser is more effective, more gentle and suitable for more skin types and treatment areas than IPL.



Soprano ICE titanium has the highest level of approvals including Medical CE and (USA) FDA approval.

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