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If you are one of the many men who suffer from thin beards and difficulties in growing a beard, Akacia Medical can help you. Beards have become a big trend among men, but not everyone has the ability to grow shapely stubble, full moustaches or thick beards due to a lack of hair follicles. This can lead to social and psychological problems in everyday life. We at Akacia Medical offer help to improve your beard growth and give you a better life with a fuller and well-groomed beard.


Causes of thin and sparse beards

The lack of facial hair is mainly due to heredity, in which case you simply have a sparse distribution of hair follicles, or very small follicles that hardly produce any hair. It can also be due to medical conditions and burns. A facial beard transplant can be done to restore thin beard growth, sideburns, moustache and even eyebrows. The complete absence of a beard is a condition called alopecia areata.

Before a beard transplant

With the help of a beard transplant, it is possible to fill in small or entire areas that you currently consider to be too sparse or completely lacking in hair growth. In a consultation with us at Akacia Medical, we set up a plan together that is completely according to your specific conditions and wishes, we also ask questions about the general health and will then be based on what is medically possible. We also find a time for surgery and go through how an operation takes place and what the aftercare looks like, all so that the patient feels confident in their decision. On the day of surgery, lines are drawn where the new hair follicles will be placed in the same way as a hair transplant on the head.

Here's how a beard transplant works

We at Akacia Medical use the FUE method, the method is very innovative and the treatment gives a very natural result. A beard transplant with the FUE method usually involves moving hair from the back of the patient's head where the hair is genetically coded to never stop growing. The transplanted hairs thus grow forever. The patient should have a good enough donor area in the back of the head to extract hair follicles from. The hair chosen depends on what most closely matches your own beard structure.

The operation takes up to 8 hours, you will be given a local anaesthetic and this makes it mostly painless. It is common for the donor site and the transplant site to be sore after the operation. The FUE method has a short healing time. The number of hair follicles moved in a beard transplant varies and is highly individualised but the most common ones are:

  • 350-500 hair follicles to achieve a full moustache
  • 600-700 hair follicles for a goat's beard
  • 200-250 hair follicles for sideburns per side
  • 300-700 for a full beard per cheek

At Akacia Medical we have surgeons who have extensive experience in different types of hair transplants.

The result of a beard transplant

Your beard transplant result is based on a well-planned consultation and also the skill of the surgeon. Your result is also our result and we strive to get the best possible result according to your conditions and wishes.

Most hairs after a transplant fall out after 4 weeks and already after 3-4 months the new hair will grow and will be permanent. The final result will be seen after 8-12 months and we will then schedule a return visit with you. The new beard is shaped according to your wishes and can be styled and shaved just like your original beard. Thanks to the FUE method, it is impossible to tell that you have had a beard transplant.


Beard transplantation 3500 hair follicles


After the procedure, we go through the care instructions and you can go home the same day and be ready to go back to work after only 10 days. When the anaesthetic starts to wear off, you can take painkillers. After a beard transplant performed with the FUE method, small scabs form where the hair follicles have been drilled out, but this usually disappears after 7-10 days. Exercise and high physical activity should be avoided for the first month after your surgery.

If you want more information on the costs of beard transplantation, you can see the current price list.

Information on beards

Beards grow faster than the hair on your head - 0.4 millimetres per day. There is no need for a beard shampoo, a regular moisturising shampoo for sensitive scalps will do. A healthy beard grows better.

Some simple tricks for those who want to grow a beard faster:

While it is true that our ability to grow a beard is largely genetically determined, there are also factors affecting beard growth that can be adjusted. Following a healthy lifestyle by eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly and getting enough sleep can have positive effects on beard growth. Avoiding stress and taking care of your skin and scalp by washing and moisturising them regularly can also contribute to better beard growth.

As well as improving your health, it is also important to choose a beard style that suits your face shape and beard growth. A style that works well on one person may not suit another person as well. It can be helpful to consult with a barber or beard stylist to find the right style. There are also different products that can be used to give your beard more volume and texture, such as beard oils, beard wax and beard balm.

  • Clean and moisturise the skin regularly
  • Facial massage
  • Good nutrition
  • Eat extra B vitamins, silicon & zinc
  • Stress less
  • Sleep more
  • Exercise
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