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Akacia Medical

Akacia Medical was established in 2001 and for many years has helped thousands of patients get new thicker hair at our hair transplant clinic. The first years the clinic was in Turkey, but in October 2011 we also opened a branch in Sweden. This is to be able to offer competitive prices for hair transplants without compromising on quality even in Sweden, as we saw that the prices were very high and this has made us pioneers by being the first to be able to offer hair transplants at prices people can actually afford. Over the years, we have gained invaluable knowledge about how to transplant hair with the absolute best results.

in June 2014 we moved into Läkarhuset in Vällingby. After 6 years in Vällingby, we have now moved into our new state-of-the-art clinic in Alvik in Stockholm. Our surgery team has extensive experience in hair transplants and together we have performed more than 10,000 operations.

  • No one in Sweden can compete with us for experience.
  • We are an independent party that mediates and also ensures that patient rights are maintained.
  • Our standard is to use 0.6 mm tools when removing hair follicles, which is less than the industry standard of 0.9 mm. This results in a tighter placement on the follicles and a shorter healing process.
  • We tailor each treatment to the patient's needs and wishes.
  • We always provide a guarantee on our hair transplants!

We understand that many people want to regain their hair and be able to have different hairstyles and is the basis of why we started this clinic and we hope to be able to help you with your hair.

- It is everyone's right to keep their hair or to be able to afford a hair transplant, says Firo, who is operations manager at Akacia Medical.

We at Akacia Medical offer hair transplants, platelet treatments and hair removal at our clinics in Stockholm and Istanbul. We have long experience in transplanting hair and always provide a guarantee on our operations. Read more about us



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