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How long should you hold out hope that a patchy beard will grow out and become evenly full? Patience is a virtue and once you decide to save your beard, it can take time to achieve an even result.

There are plenty of beard blogs and beard guides out there that tell you what products and techniques you can use to get the perfect beard. But something we noticed was that there wasn't enough in-depth information on how to grow a patchy beard evenly. Many men find the stubborn patches in their beards aesthetically disturbing and want to solve the problem.

Patchy beard that doesn't grow out

Some men, no matter how much they save their beard, will still have a patchy and sparse beard. A patchy beard is often caused by two things: either it is genetically determined which means having a naturally sparse distribution of hair follicles, or very small hair follicles that hardly produce any hair. The second is a condition that is Alopecia areata.

If you have had a clean-shaven beard for many years, you may not have realised that your beard has been patchy. You may think that the spots in your beard are due to the constant shaving. But shaving is not something that usually contributes to beard staining. If you stop shaving, the hair will grow back. However, severe acne in your teenage years may have affected your beard growth and created scars on your skin. Even common scars from injuries have an impact. A beard transplantation is often an effective solution for filling in stains.

Patchy hair loss in the beard caused by Alopecia areata, which is mainly associated with hair loss on the head, can occur on any hair-covered area. It is an autoimmune disease in which the body's immune system allows the hair follicles to go into a dormant state. It affects about 2-4 per cent of the population. Often the beard grows back after 3-6 months, but you may lose your beard and new patches may appear elsewhere. During this time, the hair follicles go into hibernation, the follicles are not damaged but no beard grows.

Treatment for patchy beard

Making a PRP in the face has been shown to be effective in treating long-standing patches in the beard. It is a platelet-rich plasma treatment containing growth hormones that is injected into the beard area. This creates natural blood circulation and cell division, which in turn leads to the recovery of weak hair follicles. The treatment takes around 30 minutes and is carried out under local anaesthetic. Performing the treatment over the entire face also contributes to a more youthful, smoother and more elastic skin. Which is often appreciated by most people!

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