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Many people dream of changing the texture of their hair with the help of a permanent shave. A permanent shave is a hair treatment that penetrates the hair fibre with a special to make a curly hair straight. It also occurs permanently to make a hair curly. In order to make a hair straight, a hairdresser uses different tools chemicals, chemicals that can be stressful for both hair and scalp. In this article we will inform you about all the damages that can occur during a permanent shave.


Is it harmful to permanently shave my hair?

Shaving your hair with a permanent razor is always a bit stressful for your hair, how much depends on the technique used. Hair that are naturally frizzy or curly generally have less protein in their hair than naturally straight hair. Hence, they are more fragile and more easily broken by external stresses such as: colour, bleaching or heat tools.

Generally speaking, all types of perms cause some kind of damage to the hair and reduce its quality. However, many people feel that there are more benefits to having straighter hair. 

The liquid used in a permanent shave is incredibly strong and contains aggressive chemicals. As well as damaging your hair, this treatment can also negatively affect your scalp. To better understand how fragile a hair is, read about hair structure

Other possible risks: scalp irritations, sores, bald patches and, in the worst case, large bald patches. A permanent shave should therefore always be carried out by skilled hairdressers using the right products adapted to your hair. Many people choose to do at-home shaving to save money and don't realise the risks. An at-home treatment is rarely as good as a salon treatment and can, in the worst case, cause severe scalp problems. 

More unusual damage from a permanent shave:

Severe allergic reactions, burns. In the worst case scenario, you may even lose large parts of your hair. It may be necessary to have a hair restoration procedure with the help of a hair transplant.


This is how a permanent shave works:
  1. Before starting a permanent shave, the hairdresser has to check the quality of the client's hair and if it fulfils the requirements for a permanent before proceeding to the next step. 
  2. Here you decide which strength to use on the perming fluid. The strength is based on the quality and condition of the hair. The coarser the hair, the stronger the liquid you need.
  3. The perms penetrate the hair, opening up the hair shaft and moulding it into the desired shape. In this case, straight.


Can everyone permanently shave their hair?

The short answer to this question is no, not everyone can permanently shave their hair. The quality of the hair and previous treatments are always taken into account in a consultation to determine whether it is a good idea or to permanently shave the hair.


Before a treatment:

  • What is the initial state of your hair?
  • Are you aware of all the damage that can be caused?
  • What results are desired?
  • Go to a salon you can trust. Ask about their previous work and what products they use.
  • A permanent shave is expensive and chasing cheap permanent shaves will usually cost you more.
  • Do not over-treat your hair.


What is the difference between cold and hot shaving products? 

In a so-called hot shave, a straightener is used on the hair that still contains the perming fluid. The result of a hot shave is a straight hair. A cold shave perm is done without a straightener and mostly removes the frizz and dampens the curls. The result of a cold perm makes the hair more manageable. 

More gentle options for getting straight hair

Today, more and more people are opting out of a traditional permanent shave in favour of a more gentle smoothing keratin treatment. A keratin treatment is a treatment that rebuilds and fills the cavities where the keratin is leached. It also smoothes the surface layer of the hair shaft and gives a more even and strong, fine surface on the hair and makes the hair more smooth, soft and manageable. The treatment can often make the hair healthier.

The result is that the hair becomes easier to style and maintain a straighter hairstyle with the possible addition of blow-drying/flattening the hair. 

If you want fine hair that lasts, it is important to avoid unnecessary stress on your hair. Embrace your natural hair! After all, it is often different hair trends that make us want to change our hair!

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