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Have you ever wondered how thick your hair is?

If you have longer hair and can wear a tassel, you can easily measure the circumference of your ponytail. A hair that has a low density will be less than 2.54 cm in circumference and thus considered to be on the thinner side. The average density of the circumference usually ranges between 2.54 cm-5.04 cm and an extremely high density is at least 10.16 cm.

Density refers to the density of hairs on the scalp.

Unfortunately, long-term use of tight hair ties can contribute to long-term hair thinning, as your hair follicles are constantly under pressure. Hairpieces with metal attachments can also break off the top layer of your hair. So be sure to vary your hairstyles!

If you want to know more about thin hair?

Want to know if you are losing more hair than usual? It can reveal signs of hair loss but there are more things to consider.


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