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Hair loss stress

Stress-induced hair loss is more common than you think and we choose to highlight this topic on our site. Stress-related hair loss often occurs about three months after the stressful period or experience and it is therefore common that you do not always see the connection.Certain medications and medical conditions also have a major impact on how much hair you lose in a day. But diet and general health also play an important role in how likely you are to experience hair loss in the future.

Life's challenges can control how your hair feels. Sometimes life can be tough on your hair and that's when it needs a little extra care!

Telogen Effluvium

Telogen effluvium a condition in which an abnormal number of hair follicles enter a dormant phase and fall off. It can occur as a result of various stresses in life. An affected patient notices this very clearly, as it often involves large amounts of hair but also large tufts of hair that suddenly fall out all over the head.

Causes of Telogen effluvium

It can be anything from emotional trauma, medical conditions, hormonal, surgery, to taking different medications. To find out the cause of telogen effluvium, you should go back 3-4 months to localise the triggering factor as it does not occur immediately. If you are losing large amounts of hair, it is important that you seek help to know what the underlying cause is. It may be that you need iron supplements or a change of medication or that there is some other disease that is the cause of the hair loss.

Try to slow down if you are feeling stressed and practise the idea. The best way to introduce it into your everyday life is by starting to plan your day and what you have to do. Avoid going too hard in the beginning, take small steps and try to eat healthy and drink enough water. A healthy body makes it easier to maintain a healthy mind. With exercise, your body gets endorphins in your body that will make you feel happy and relaxed.

Stress can lead to hair loss. Make sure you take some time for yourself, even if you have a lot resting on your shoulders.

How to prevent hair loss due to stress

There are different types of stress that negatively affect the hair and can lead to hair loss, both women and men can be affected. Difficulty sleeping and a poor diet are common with stress, which means that the immune system is weakened, this also leads to a poor absorption of the nutrients you need for hair growth. This in turn increases the risk of hair loss. Try to reduce your stress and your hair will improve over time if it came from all the stress you carry.

There are various treatments available such as medication, anti-hair loss drugs, PRP treatment and hair transplants. These methods can help you get your hair back permanently.

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