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Burning and sensitive scalp

Not only can the skin become sensitive and suffer from dryness, but the scalp can also be severely affected, causing tightness, itching and even flaking.

Sensitive scalp - symptoms and how to counteract it

There are several factors that can cause dryness such as stress, sunlight, air pollution and various harmful hair products that dry out the hair. These factors can accumulate dirt and free radicals on the scalp that can be difficult to wash away with a regular shampoo. Free radicals also cause the hair to lose its natural shine and texture.

Using the right hair products that protect the hair is very important to avoid dryness in the long term and to prevent the scalp from breaking down and weakening. It is particularly important to avoid using hair products that contain sulphates, as all of these dry out the hair and damage the scalp.

 Other good tips to avoid dry scalp are:

  • Eat the right diet and drink plenty of water.
    It is important to keep your body moisturised, which can easily be done by drinking plenty of water. For example, coffee is a drink that has a dehydrating effect on the body. It is also important to eat a balanced diet and there are foods that are good for the scalp, generally foods containing omega fats such as oily fish, avocados and nuts.
  •   Avoid washing your hair too often.
    When hair is washed, it is more likely to become dry and damaged. Showering your hair too hot can also be harmful to the scalp. It can be difficult to wean the hair from excessive washing, but to avoid interference with speech production it is important to avoid washing the hair more than necessary.
  •     Avoid heat styling.
    All kinds of heat tools for styling your hair, for example, have a negative impact on the quality of your hair and can cause dryness in the long run. One tip is to let your hair self-dry as often as possible, alternatively blow-drying it with cold air.
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