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It's a common question for many people considering a hair transplant. We are here to give you a detailed and comprehensive guide to the process of hair transplantation, and to answer your question about hair growth. Shedding phase Strax

Shedding phases

Shortly after a hair transplant, the transplanted hair follicles begin to transmit. This is because shortly after the hair transplant, hairs will fall out, and then in a few months they will start to grow back. The reason why the transplanted hair starts to fall out is that the hair goes through a resting phase before it starts to grow again. This phase usually lasts for two to three months after the transplant. This is because when the hair follicles are plucked and then moved to the new area, there is a short-term shortage of blood supply during the hair transplant operation as they lie outside the body in solution waiting to be planted, and that is why after the move the transplanted hair follicles start shedding hair in reaction to this trauma before starting to grow again. The shedding phase of the transplanted hair often starts about a week after the treatment and can last up to six weeks. This phase of hair loss is also known as shock loss after a hair transplant. It is important to remember that whether or not a patient sheds has no impact on the success of the hair transplant and is part of hair growth after a hair transplant. Once the hair starts to grow, patients can only see the final result after 12 months and may continue to grow better. Patients who combine PRP hair treatments usually get better results from their hair transplant.

After the resting phase, the hair starts to grow again and you will notice new growth. However, it is also common that the new hair may be thinner and finer than your existing hair. This is normal and the new hair usually becomes thicker and fuller over time.It is also important to note that the transplanted hair will grow in the same way as your existing hair.

To summarise, yes, transplanted hair usually grows before falling out. However, it is normal for transplanted hair to fall out for a short period before it starts growing again. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions or concerns about hair transplantation. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Why am I losing hair after a hair transplant? The shedding phase is a normal reaction to the hair transplant process. It is temporary and leads to the growth of stronger hair.
  2. How long does it take before I see results? You can expect to see the first results within a few months, but the full results can take up to a year to appear.
  3. Can I speed up the growth of the new hair? Following your doctor's advice and possibly considering PRP treatments can help speed up and improve growth.
  4. What is PRP hair treatment and how does it work? PRP (platelet-rich plasma) involves using your own blood to stimulate hair growth and healing.
  5. How can I take care of my transplanted hair after the procedure? Your doctor will give you specific instructions, but avoiding excessive sun exposure and gentle hair care is important.
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