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Have you ever felt like your hair grows faster in the summer? Maybe you've thought it's because of the lovely weather and that we're probably happier? Because it's common knowledge that how we feel affects our hair.

According to a In a 2014 Chinese study the researchers concluded that hair grows on average 0.4 millimetres a day in summer, while in winter the growth rate is as low as 0.375 millimetres.

During the summer months, the heat and the sun's rays create favourable conditions for our hair to grow a little faster in summer than in winter.

Hair grows faster in summer

From March, about 90% of all hair follicles on the scalp are active, while the proportion gradually decreases until September. This is because, like many furry animals, we start shedding when the sun causes the temperature to rise. During the peak in August and September, our hair loss is at its worst, losing 60 pieces a day, which is more than twice as many as in winter. Isn't that interesting?

Fewer hairs on the scalp after we field provide increased blood circulation, which in turn provides more nutrition to the hair follicles. So the combination of fewer hairs, heat and nutrition provides ideal conditions for the protein keratin, which makes up the majority of our hair. This is why our hair grows extra fast during the summer!

The reduced number of hairs means that there are more nutrients such as sugar, minerals and amino acids available for the remaining hairs, making them grow faster. If you find that you have hair follicles that have stopped producing hair, then a PRP hair treatment in many cases help to awaken hair follicles in prolonged dormancy.

And it's not just the hair on your head - according to one study, men's beards can grow up to 60 per cent faster in the summer.

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