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Medicines for hair loss

There are many drugs and medicines for hair loss and some are better than others. In many cases, a combination of hair loss medicines and treatment may be the best combination for the patient.

Minoxidil is a liniment that is applied to the scalp. Depending on what stage of hair loss you are in, it works differently. The earlier you start, the better. But you have to be persistent, be prepared for any initial increase in hair loss and keep going - if you stop, the effect disappears.

Unfortunately, by the time you realise that you are thinning, many hair follicles have died. Therefore, you can never get the hair of your youth back. PRP and Minoxidil slow down further hair loss and strengthen the existing hair and weaker hair follicles so that they start producing better hair again. There is also a medicine called Propocia. Hair loss medicines such as those mentioned above are for men who experience hair loss due to THC.

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