Step by step

We will take care of everything along the way.

During our first meeting you will need answer a few simple questions about your health. This information will then be used as a basis for the consultation. During the consultation you will need to consider the following:


  • Your physical needs and any limitations that you face
  • Your emotional needs and your mental attitude
  • Your worries
  • Your expectations
  • Your budget
  • Your time

The consultation staff will have a thorough talk with the patient to understand the patient’s medical needs. The first step is to evaluate the different treatment options for the specific patient´s needs and wishes. It is very important to identify exactly what the patient envisions.

The patient will also have to fill in a medical questionnaire. This will inform the doctor if there are any risks or conditions that have to be taken into account for the procedure.

Even though most of the procedures are minor procedures the doctor will need to look at your medical records, pictures etc. To facilitate this process we kindly ask the patient to obtain any medical journals or pictures ahead of time.

It is important to identify the patient’s expectations of the end result so that the doctor can determine if it is possible to achieve this result. It is important that the patient’s expectations are realistic and match what can be achieved.

The patient will then receive a quote for the treatment and a treatment date will be set together with the patient.

We will strive to answer any questions that you might have during the consultation, via e-mail, a personal visit or on the telephone.

The patient will pay an advance to Akacia Medical AB’s bank giro, and thereafter the procedure will be confirmed. The remaining amount due will be paid 14 days before the day of the procedure.

The patient will have continued contact with Akacia Medical after the operation until an evaluation is performed. The evaluation is usually done about 12 months after the procedure.