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Scalp fungus

Scalp fungus Tinea capitis, (tinea/dematophytes=fungal infection, capitis=head). Caused by an infection of skin fungi (dermatophytes). Skin fungi are divided into three groups according to their preferred host: soil (geophilic), animals (zoophilic) and humans (anthropophilic).

The fungi that grow on the scalp are often zoophilic fungi and are most common among children. Common causes of scalp fungus can be from living in tropical environments or via pets.

Two varieties of scalp fungus:

  • Limited areas of the head begin to scaly and the hair in that area breaks off.
  • There is a skin change on the scalp of about eight centimetres. This lesion then becomes very inflamed and an abscess forms on the head. When a fungal infection of the scalp can become infected in this way, it is often streptococcus that attacks the body. This can lead to fever and swelling of the lymph nodes in the neck and throat.


  • If you suspect that you have fungus on your scalp, you should seek medical attention and have a doctor examine you. If the doctor can make a diagnosis, you will be given medication, usually an antifungal tablet. This causes the hairs to break off in the same way.
  • Dandruff
  • Dry scalp
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