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When you come for a consultation with us at Akacia Medical, we use a micro camera to study the patient's hair follicles in detail (graft) and analyse your current hair growth status. This micro camera looks inside the hair follicles and allows us to observe signs of future hair growth and hair loss. This is not something the eye can see, in fact a patient often has hair loss long before it becomes noticeable to you.


With a micro-camera, we can get to the root of your hair loss problem.

With the help of a micro camera we compare the neck area, this is an area where we are genetically coded not to lose hair compared to other parts of the scalp. If there are 3 hairs per follicle in the neck area but on the head there is only one hair in each follicle (graft), we can understand how the hair loss progresses.

The microcamera allows us to see how thick the hair is and we can see this on a large screen on a computer monitor. This is an important part of a consultation so that we can accurately assess the extent of hair loss and make a diagnosis. We can then suggest an appropriate treatment.


We at Akacia Medical offer hair transplants, platelet treatments and hair removal at our clinics in Stockholm and Istanbul. We have long experience in transplanting hair and always provide a guarantee on our operations. Read more about us



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